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It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a yard and keep the lawn, trees, shrubs and flower beds looking great. From spring planting, fertilizing, and mulching to fall leaf blowing and cleanup, and all the lawn mowing, trimming, pruning, weeding, and watering in between, not to mention keeping the driveway and walkways cleared of snow throughout the winter, there always seems to be some outdoor work that needs doing. But having the right tools for every job can help you work more efficiently, so you can spend less time working on your yard and more time enjoying it. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional landscaper, look over our comprehensive selection of outdoor tools & equipment, and you’ll find quality, name brand tools that will help make your yard or landscaping the envy of the neighborhood.

Few things can impact a property’s curb appeal more than a lush, green, well-manicured lawn. There’s a lot of work involved in creating that verdant expanse and even more to maintain it, and we’ve got the tools to help you do it. We have lawn rakes for getting rid of leaves, branches, twigs and dead grass during spring clean-up, and spreaders for applying fertilizer and weed killer products and seeding bare spots. Mowing the lawn is the most routine of yard maintenance tasks, and we have eco-friendly manual reel mowers and electric mowers that are ideal for small lawns, gas-powered push and self-propelled mowers, and lawn tractors if you’ve got a lot to cut. To get that all-important neatly groomed look at the turf’s edge, next to walkways and flower beds, we have gas-powered and electric string trimmers and lawn edgers, including cordless models.

All the tools needed to loosen and aerate the soil in flower beds and vegetable gardens in preparation for planting are right here. We have hand shovels, cultivators and weeders, long-handled digging shovels, bow rakes and garden hoes, and hand-operated and wheeled gas-powered and electric cultivators and tillers. If you run into embedded obstacles in the process, we have pointed shovels and pick mattocks to dislodge rocks and cut roots. Once your plants are in the ground, mulching the beds will help keep the weeds down and retain moisture, and we have the flat shovels and bedding forks that make it easy to scoop up the mulch and get it to the areas where it’s needed. You can keep plants and shrubs healthy and well-shaped with our trimming and pruning tools, including hedge shears and gas-powered and corded and cordless electric hedge trimmers for sizeable bushes and removing large amounts of plant matter, and garden scissors, pruning snips and hand pruners for smaller plants and fine pruning jobs.

Removing dead branches and suckers and keeping trees well-trimmed will help them stay healthy and attractive, and we can supply you with the manual and power equipment to do the job. We offer pruning saws and loppers for cutting small diameter limbs and chain saws for the big branches, including gas-powered and corded and cordless electric models. And for those hard to reach limbs, we have extendable manual pole saws and pruners, and telescoping electric pole saws. Our wood chipper and chipper shredders, available with gas or electric power, will make short work of those unwanted branches and leaves and turn them into useful mulch. Or, if you want to make use of the wood for an indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit or chiminea, we have axes, hatchets, splitting mauls, and hydraulic log splitters to create useable pieces of firewood.

Keeping your foliage hydrated, especially during the hot summer months, is crucial so the lawn stays green, flowering plants keep blooming, and vegetable plants continue producing. Here on our digital shelves you’ll find a large selection of garden hose in a range of lengths, hose holders and reels for tidy hose storage, nozzles and wands with adjustable spray patterns, and oscillating and traveling lawn sprinklers. Or, if you want to automate watering and set up an irrigation system, we have soaker hoses, valves and connectors for system set-up, and water timers, including units you can control from your smartphone that allow you to create watering schedules for different zones in your yard, and water sensors that test the soil before scheduled watering times and delay watering after a rain.

But the above-mentioned tools are far from all we have to help you care for the outside of your home and yard. Our wheelbarrows and yard carts are invaluable for toting soil, mulch and plants from your truck to different places in the yard, when you’re gathering branches and yard waste, mixing building materials, and many other tasks that would otherwise be backbreaking and time consuming. We offer one-wheeled wheelbarrows and models with two wheels for stability, and four-wheeled yard carts, including models that fold up for convenient storage. Our pressure sprayers allow you to concentrate chemicals like pesticides and herbicides only where they’re needed to kill insects and dandelions, crab grass and other weeds. When autumn arrives and the leaves begin to fall, our gas-powered and corded and cordless electric leaf blowers and blower/vacuums have the power to corral leaves and debris and keep your yard clean. And you can remove dirt, grease and mildew from decks, patios, siding, fencing, driveways, and walkways, and make a quick job of washing your car or truck with one of our electric or gas-powered pressure washers.

The gardening and grass cutting may be over for the year, but winter presents its own outdoor challenges, and you’ll be ready for them with our snow & ice removal equipment. Here you’ll find snow shovels with ergonomic bent handles, ice scraper/choppers, ice melt and salt spreaders, and of course, powerful, back saving, gas-powered and electric snowblowers. And if you’ve got a large driveway or parking areas to clear, we also have a full complement of snow plows for trucks, ATVs and UTVs. Safety should always be the most important consideration when working outdoors. We can supply you with comfortable gloves that have coated palms for additional hand protection. Safety glasses are absolutely essential. Dust or debris from mowing, trimming, or cutting wood, can cause everything from mild eye discomfort to complete loss of vision. We offer safety glasses and goggles with clear and tinted lenses. Safety gear like knee pads and kneeling mats not only afford protection, they make it much easier and more comfortable to do many outdoor jobs.

And if you need to use a corded power tool but you’re too far away from the nearest electrical outlet, or you want a backup supply for when grid power goes out, one of our generators is the solution. Most have multiple 120V AC outlets as well as a 12V DC outlet for recharging car or RV batteries. We offer lightweight, recoil start 1300W generators suitable for campsites and tailgating, that can be hand carried, wheeled 5000W electric start models suitable for job site use, and larger units that can be used as a home backup power supply. The majority are gasoline powered. Solar is the most cost-efficient source of portable power, because there’s never a need to buy fuel. Browse our selection of solar panels and you’ll find everything from compact low wattage kits suitable for charging cell phones and other portable electronics while camping, or recharging 12V car batteries, to complete RV systems capable of producing enough power to run up to 3000 watts of appliances or electronics and recharge battery banks.

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Bought the G6100 in preparation for Y2K. Yep, bought her in 1999. Paid ALOT for it but I guess you get what you pay for. Still my whole house standby generator after 25 years. I did have to replace a rusted gas tank but I guess that’s to be expected. I think I’m on my third spark plug and probably 15th oil change
Posted by Customer / February 25, 2024
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